9/11 Tribute to Search & Rescue, Emotional Support and Therapy Dogs – YouTube

“When September Ends” Greenday~September 11th 2001 NYC WTC Twin Towers Collapse…SAR dogs are called in immediately while the emotional support and therapy dog teams work together to keep moral and spirits high, as… Continue reading

How Shelter Dogs Are Helping U.S. Veterans Battle PTSD.

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This German Shepherd Is Worth $400 Million, But Wait Until You See Why!

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30 German Shepherds And Other Large Dogs Found Abandoned.

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1 Hour of Relaxing Music for Big Dog Breeds. German Shepherd, Retriever, Rottweiler etc.

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German Shepherd Attacking A Bad Guy At Command From An 8 Year Old Little Girl

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Toddler Born Without Feet Is Best Friends With Paw-Less German Shepherd Puppy

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30 Facts That Prove German Shepherds Are The Greatest Dog Breed In The World

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German Shepherd Jumps Off Boat To Join His Dolphin Friends

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17 Dangerously Alarming Facts About German Shepherds

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